Book a ComfortClothing Pop-Up Shop to liven up your Autumn Schedule!

The evenings are undoubtedly closing in these days, and I must be honest, I’m ok with that because it means the girls think it’s later than it is, and they are back to a more suitable bedtime for 4-year-olds. Of course, it doesn’t come without a twinge of sadness that our summer is slipping by and Autumn beckons. Autumn brings its own positives though, one being the schedule of classes and hobbies that are offered to us from our communities. 

This year, we would be delighted to be included in the line-up at your community centre, residential care-centre, independent living complex, hospital or nursing home.

 What is a Pop-Up Shop: A pop-up shop is a temporary shop or stall where the clothing collection from ComfortClothing are displayed for sale on a given day.

 What are the benefits to visitors? We bring our stock to your residents, guests, or service users. They can see and try on anything that they think may suit their needs. There are generous discounts available for multiple purchases. There’s also the benefit of something different happening, as well as being hugely convenient.

 How much does it cost? Nothing! It’s free!  We are happy to meet and engage with potential customers as well as gather information on what items they may wish us to source.

 How do we book a Pop-Up shop? Email