Conversations with Customers - first 23 days!

An Emotional Rollercoaster & Conversations with Customers

 Well! What 3 weeks it has been (23 days to be exact!) since the launch of ComfortClothing Adaptive Wear. There has been excitement at seeing the site getting visitors from all over the globe (being from a large, distributed family is the gift that keeps on giving!). The initial excitement handing over to worry and anxiety that people won’t like or order the products and then pure joy at seeing the first order some in which was from a person unknown to me, so I knew it wasn’t a ‘pity’ order!

 The reaction on social media has been very positive and particularly on LinkedIn where my post about ComfortClothing got 11, 454 views and counting. I was also thrilled that two local newspapers (Dungarvan Leader and Dungarvan Observer) published a press release for me, as did the editor of a magazine called Senior Times who also feature us on their e-zine which you can check out here : ( which has a circulation of 16,000. Help to spread the word like this has been truly appreciated especially when, as a start-up, funds for such marketing are non-existent.

 One thing I wasn’t expecting was calls and emails from loved ones who are seeking a specific solution for their family member or friend. These have been invaluable to me for learning about certain conditions. While I have been warned not to respond to one-off requests, I am a firm believer that there is no point in selling people spoons if they really need a fork. So already, I’m listening and learning to potential customers and occupational therapists about what would be helpful for people.

 For example, I had a call from a lovely woman in Limerick, whose sister has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and so she finds it difficult to turn in bed at night. She explained to me how the medication for this condition wears off during the night, so muscles get stiff and it’s more difficult for people to get out of bed to use the bathroom. I also had an email from an occupational therapist who has a patient with an in-operable hernia and who finds it difficult to get trousers that will stay up on him. This lady was inspirational in how much she wants to find a solution for him to restore some independence and dignity. And another example of a daughter who contacted me about her mother’s worsening MS which means her hands weakening and therefore, harder to dress, so that we might be able to provide her with a suitable winter coat so she can still get out for fresh air. If there is one person with these issues, there are probably 100 more and I am determined to learn as much as I can in the coming months.

So, I’m back to excited again, and grateful to these people who have armed me with clues for the next collection of clothing and accessories, starting with some sketches on a blank page. 

 If you have a suggestion for what we could stock at ComfortClothing, please do drop me an or give me a call on 086 601 24 79. I’d love to hear from you. And please help to continue spreading the word through sharing with your networks. 

Thanks so much, 


p.s. I got to wear the very comfortable Isabel dress to WIT arena where my vaccinator Mags was so helpful to get a photograph of my shot (as if they aren't busy enough in there!) to demonstrate the side shoulder zips of this stylish dress. 


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  • Hi Monica hope you are well & huge congratulations on your new business. As you know i am working as a public health nurse (on maternity leave at the moment). I am based in Dungarvan Primary Care Centre. If you have business cards i could give them to my colleagues Occupational Therapiats & Physios also.

    Mary Smith

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