Staying in your Comfort Zone & Comfort Clothes!

 Well, Hello! It’s nice to be back after a 2-week break from work which was spent primarily around the West and North-West of Ireland. I managed to read a book in that time; one that I’d borrowed from my local library called Emotional Resilence by the fabulous Dr. Harry Barry. An interesting theme of the book was the importance of emerging from our regular routines and Comfort Zones in order to build our resilience and get used to being uncomfortable. Someone who struggles with social anxiety, for example, challenging themselves to attend 3 social gatherings in a given time period.
 It got me thinking that as well as Comfort Zones, we have Comfort Clothes. This was made particularly clear to me when my 4-year-old daughter refused to wear anything but one limited pair of pants while we were away. These became known as the Unicorn pants because of the unicorn pattern. Frustrating as this was with a full bag of clothes available to her, I believe it’s quite common behaviour for little people. They have their reasons…. maybe the others have a seam somewhere that’s uncomfortable, maybe she doesn’t like the feel of them on her skin, maybe she loves the colour and feels like a superhero in them..or maybe she justreally loves unicorns. Whatever the reason, it meant late-night washing of these pants and often having to dry the last dampness out of them with the hairdryer in the morning before she woke.
 And that got me thinking about how we all have preferences when it comes to clothes (up hands who has favourite boxers, knickers, socks, jeans etc.) and how frustrating it must be for those such as very young children, who can’t fully express themselves, or older adults who need care who don’t have the language ability they once had, or indeed those who are non-verbal and rely on facial expressions and gestures to communicate with carers about their preferences.
 So, you know what, I’ve decided that there are times when it’s perfectly fine to stay in your Comfort Zone and Comfort Clothes. Here at ComfortClothing, we aim to provide a collection of stylish, affordable and versatile clothing for people with reduced ability. Just like death & taxes, having reduced ability is something that will render us all with the power of a 4-year-old again someday. Let’s hope someone will care enough to wash our Comfort Clothes for the next day too.